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Naturally Supernatural E-Course PLUS+


The Naturally Supernatural E-Course PLUS+ is an 8 session course based around the content of Wendy’s book. The aim of the course is to give believers the tools and courage they need to live the life that Jesus modelled. Each session is made up of 3 parts: A teaching video from Wendy, based on the content of her book. A short activation video that links to the teaching, where Wendy gives some practical ‘next steps’ to help activate what’s been learnt. A PDF workbook chapter, which enables you to focus on how God is getting your attention so you get the most out of the course. In addition to the 8 teaching sessions, 8 activation videos and 8 PDF workbook chapters, the e-course PLUS+ also includes: - 5 bonus teaching videos Encounter with the Father - Amanda Humphrey Living as Sons and Daughters - Ben Enejo God’s Kingdom in your Workplace - Dr. Gill Cronau  Stopping to Love - Claire Coggan Lessons from Smith Wigglesworth - Phil Wilthew - A recorded worship set - Matt Knapp - A recorded Q&A session with Wendy and her team.  Our prayer is that God really meets with you as you complete the e-course PLUS+, so that you increasingly step into all He has called you to. We can’t wait to hear what God does in and through you




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