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Wendy’s Naturally Supernatural E-Course and E-Course PLUS+ will equip you and give you courage to live the normal Christian life.


Naturally Supernatural E-Course 

The Naturally Supernatural e-course is an 8 session course based around the content of Wendy’s book. The aim of the course is to give believers the tools and courage they need to live the life that Jesus modelled.


Each session is made up of 3 parts:

  • A teaching video from Wendy, based on the content of her book.

  • A short activation video that links to the teaching, where Wendy gives some practical ‘next steps’ to help activate what’s been learnt.

  • A PDF workbook chapter, which enables you to focus on how God is getting your attention so you get the most out of the course.


Our prayer is that God really meets with you as you complete the e-course, so that you step increasingly into all He has called you to. We can’t wait to hear what God does in and through you as you look to bring His Kingdom wherever you have influence. Please do let us know your stories. 

Wendy Mann Naturally Supernatural E-Cour

Available now


Cost: £40


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E-Course PLUS+

Available now


Cost: £70


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Naturally Supernatural E-Course PLUS+

The Naturally Supernatural E-Course PLUS+ includes everything in the E-Course, plus bonus teaching sessions and connection points with Wendy and her team. 

In addition to the 8 teaching sessions, 8 activation videos and 8 PDF workbook chapters, the e-course PLUS+ includes:


  • 5 bonus teaching videos

Encounter with the Father - Amanda Humphrey

Living as Sons and Daughters - Ben Enejo

God’s Kingdom in your Workplace - Dr. Gill Cronau 

Stopping to Love - Claire Coggan

Lessons from Smith Wigglesworth - Phil Wilthew

  • A recorded worship set - Matt Knapp

  • A recorded Q&A session with Wendy and her team. 


Our prayer is that God really meets with you as you complete the e-course PLUS+, so that you increasingly step into all He has called you to. We can’t wait to hear what God does in and through you, so please do let us know your stories.

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I have been doing Wendy’s e-course with a small group of friends and we have absolutely loved it! The content is so encouraging and full of Biblical truth that has helped us really get hold of the conviction that we’re all called to live a life just like Jesus. Doing the course together has built a beautiful sense of safety and community, and each one of us has found opportunities to step out in faith and see God meet us, and others, in wonderful ways.


Wendy’s power, love and generous heart is so evident to see and we have received so much from her even though she has been on a screen! I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone hungry to know more of God and His Kingdom in your life, wherever you are on your journey.

- Anna, King’s Church Birmingham


Can the e-courses be done with other people?

Yes! In fact we’d encourage you to complete the content with at least one other person. Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs for a reason. Working through the content with others will mean you have people who can champion you and help you to be courageous with what God asks you to do.

If I do the e-courses as part of a group, how many copies do I buy?

Our desire is to make the e-courses available to as many people as possible, as easily as possible. We want believers across the world to be empowered and equipped to bring God’s Kingdom wherever they have influence. Having said that, there have been fairly significant upfront costs that Wendy has had to cover in order to get the e-courses set up and online. Our suggestion is that you purchase at least one course for every 3-4 people.

Can you tell us the titles of the content covered in the 8 e-course sessions?

Of course! The 8 sessions included in both the e-course and e-course PLUS+ include: 1) The Normal Christian Life 2) Know who God is 3) Know who you are 4) Understand the Kingdom 5) Be motivated by love 6) Navigate mystery 7) Grow in faith 8) Take some risks

Once I’ve enrolled in the e-course, what happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email from Thinkific with your login details. This will enable you to access the e-course content. Then you are free to complete the course content at your own pace. We can't wait to hear what Jesus does in and through you.