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Hosting God's Presence

Increase your faith for God's manifest presence and grow in confidence to host the Holy Spirit when He comes

Hosting Gods Presence Book by Wendy Mann

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Hosting God's presence as a worship leader

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Online Course
Hosting God's Presence by Wendy Mann

11th, 18th, 25th June and 2nd July

(The course will be most beneficial if you can attend every session)


On Zoom


There are limited spaces for this course

Hosting God's Presence Online Course

God is eager to meet with His people, but are we making space for Him and expecting Him to come?

How confident do we feel about recognising God's presence and hosting Him when He draws near?

This 4-week online course will increase your faith for God's manifest presence and increase your confidence to host the Holy Spirit - particularly in corporate worship and ministry times.


Topics covered will include:

  • The importance of prioritising our own friendship  with the Holy Spirit

  • How to host God's presence in times of corporate worship - as a meeting host or a worship leader

  • How to handle contributions

  • How to lead times of ministry - in worship, during preaches or at the end of a meeting

  • How to raise corporate faith to receive from God

'I’ve experienced church without the tangible presence of God and church where God’s presence is welcomed and longed for. There really is no contest for me'.

Hosting God's Presence - A Practical Guide

Wendy Mann

(Released in 2024)

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