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God's Presence over Zoom!

Like all of us in this season I have been doing meetings and ministry over zoom. It's definitely not my preferred way of connecting. I absolutely love being in the room with people when God comes; when His presence is tangible. Yet, I have been SO blown away by the level of encounter and breakthrough I have seen through a computer screen. The Holy Spirit really isn't restricted by our inability to meet together. He is everywhere and He is still showing up and transforming lives. Let me share some of my highlights from the last few months.

Jan 2021

I was leading a meeting for some believers in Germany and I brought a word of knowledge about a woman whose marriage had ended years ago, who was fearful about getting remarried. The sense I had was that God wanted to being her peace and for to know that everything was going to be okay.

Later I found out that there was a couple on the call in their 50’s who were due to get married in April. They had both been divorced before and the woman had recently been saying she felt nervous about making the same mistakes again. God's truth came at just the right time to bring her peace.


Feb 2021

In a call to a church in Birmingham I saw a left wrist being strapped up and felt like God wanted to bring some healing. As I shared the word a woman responded and said that her wrist had already started to get hot! After a short prayer all the pain had disappeared. I heard later that this woman had been talking to her friend earlier in the day about maybe needing to get some strapping for her wrist.

In the same meeting a girl was spontaneously baptised in the Holy Spirit and someone else started speaking in tongues

Feb 2021

During a Naturally Supernatural online evening, one of the team brought a word of knowledge about God healing people's ears. One of our students wrote this:

Mum just heard me whisper in her right ear!!!! She had reconstructive surgery in it before Christmas as the canal had closed. Although the surgeon said it had gone well she was yet to hear in it.

When word of knowledge came I went and prayed and she came through a few mins ago to say she thought she could hear a bit in it. We tested with clicks and whispers and she definitely can. She says everything has definitely gotten louder too!

The next day this students mum when for a check up at the hospital and this was the report:

It was confirmed today at the hospital that the ear canal is open and mum doesn’t need to go back for another month. She has been going every fortnight to date. It seems to us that Jesus certainly accelerated her healing. Thank you Lord.


In the same meeting there was another word brought about someone needing healing for their tastebuds. This is the story Sarah shared with us the next day:

Since recovering from covid my sense of taste hadn’t fully returned but I hadn’t really prayed for healing thinking it was too irrelevant in the context of the pandemic. On Wednesday when someone brought the word about taste buds I cried out for that healing. I couldn’t think how to “test it” quickly so I yelled for my kids to bring me an orange. When I bit into it I knew I had been healed. I quickly had to test it out again with coffee and wine :) Full taste restored. Thank you! thank you! Thank you! Jesus!

Because my kids saw me healed on Wednesday (and they have seen me healed from 12 years of back pain too) they have been pointing out people who are in pain or ill insisting I go over to pray for them in the supermarket! Got to be honest and say I didn’t do it, but I know God will present me with more chances to say yes.


One last story. My friend and I met with a mutual friend over zoom last month and had the opportunity to pray for her. It was a very simple and straight-forward prayer, but the impact was profound. This is what she wrote:

I did a lot of thinking and praying last night and when I woke up this morning. How I felt when I woke up felt so, so different. I felt so at peace and realised how anxious I’d been feeling when I had been waking up. I didn’t have any distressing dreams either. That is the first in a long time. I’ve been having really strange anxious dreams. I’d just got used to them and I’m now wondering why I wasn’t addressing them, but no dreams last night. I think Jesus did something really transformative through you both praying, so thank you so much!

Our time was truly life transforming!

Wow! So many wonderful stories of what God has been doing, and the truth is there is always more. I really want to encourage you to raise your expectation for what God can do over zoom, and also what He wants to do. He is a good, good Father who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or think. Nothing is impossible for Him! Let's take hold of that truth and live and pray like we really believe it.


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