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I love it here. It's home!

I have been loving learning from friends in their 20's as they have contributed to my most recent blog posts. Here's the next instalment, looking at championing and inspiring young adults, from the beautiful Ola.

Ola is a brilliant and inspiring woman from the King's Arms. I remember having breakfast with her once and loving her sense of humour. I was also inspired by her passion for and pursuit of God. Ola is a woman who knows how to keep looking up

in every season, and her passion to see people come to know Jesus is really provoking. I can't wait for you to read some of what God has been showing her in this season.

Here's a reminder of the questions I've been asking:

- Who are you and what do you do?

- What is God speaking to you about the moment and how are you responding to Him?

- What would be your tops tips for people in their 20's to thrive in their relationship with God?


Hi, I am Ola and I am 29 years old. I grew up in a traditional style church in London, with parents who diligently taught my siblings and I the word daily. That meant I had a very good grasp of the gospel and I guess that really helped curb my teenage rebellion days. I always knew in my heart that I would get saved.

I gave my life to Jesus while I was in sixth form and it’s been a wild ride ever since with ups and downs, but with the company of Jesus the whole way. I moved from London to Bedford 4 years ago for work; I’m an analyst. I enjoy hosting at mine, hanging with friends and listening to music. In terms of what I do, as I am not working at the moment, I would say that I am trying to be Jesus' hands and feet.

For the past year, God has been speaking to me about koinonia and coming deeper in the secret place with Him. Koinonia is a Greek term found in the New Testament, which basically means fellowship with other believers, or the intimate communion/ fellowship with God. It also refers to a deep intimacy between the two or more parties.

God has been calling me into a deeper more intimate relationship where our hearts are aligned.

I initially found this challenging as I realised that He wanted me to want Him more and discover a deeper level of intimacy with Him. Speaking honestly, this wasn't something that my heart was up for. But, over the past couple of weeks, my heart has been transformed as I set more time aside to pray, to worship, to binge on sermons and watch The Chosen. I am falling more in love with Jesus in the secret place. I am falling in love with the idea of knowing Him more. I am learning more about Him every time I bend my knees or lift my arms.

I love it here. It’s home.

I keep praying that this will not be a momentary encounter, but that it becomes my lifestyle. Fasting has also been a key that's unlocked my hunger for God because it's meant that everything revolves around Him. And boy, is He loving, kind and filled with compassion! He relentlessly pursues me and constantly makes me feel accepted and loved.

My top tip for someone in their 20's who wants to thrive in their relationship with God would be to prioritise time with Him above everything. This could be through learning more about Him in the word, journaling, painting, worshipping. Whatever you do, discover more about Him. Once you start to know Him, He gives you a purpose and a drive. Only in Him can you start to truly live.


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