Joy in Surrender

I got to know Maddy through my Naturally Supernatural Online course. She was a student last term and had some wonderful encounters with the Holy Spirit that led to significant freedom.

Maddy is a brilliant leader with a beautiful heart. She has wisdom beyond her years and is on a great journey of learning to depend on her Heavenly Father. I have loved connecting with her and I am so excited for you to read how God is speaking to her in this season.

This is the next blog post in my series of profiling and championing young believers. Let's learn some more brilliant lessons from someone in that age group who is pursuing Jesus with all of her heart.

The 3 questions I asked Maddy are:

- Who are you and what do you do?

- What is God speaking to you about the moment and how are you responding to Him?

- What would be your tops tips for people in their 20's to thrive in their relationship with God?