A marathon, not a sprint

We have a couple more blogposts to come in our series of being inspired by and learning from Christians in their 20's. I haven't had the privilege of meeting our next blogger personally, but my good friend Sarah Brown raves about him. She writes:

'Malcolm is a joy bringer! He is a man full of faith and leaves the fragrance of Jesus wherever he goes. He makes people feel seen and loved and knows how to give a really great hug, which is the best news now that hugs are back on the table! He is servant hearted and can transform the atmosphere by walking into the room.'

I'm so excited for us to learn from Malcolm. He has a brilliant heart. Here's a reminder of the questions I've been asking:

- Who are you and what do you do?

- What is God speaking to you about the moment and how are you responding to Him?

- What would be your tops tips for people in their 20's to thrive in their relationship with God?


Hey wonderful reader! Thank you for stopping by to find out about my marathon with Jesus. My mother calls me Malcolm or Prince. My friends call me Malcy or Malc. Feel free to pick a name. I currently attend Riverside Vineyard in Feltham, which is in West London. I have been attending Riverside for the past couple of years intermittently as I have the most awesome opportunity to Kids Pastor a church, which is also situated in Feltham, called Christ Church Feltham.